Outstanding Advisor (2021/2022)

Professional Advisor: Tabitha Tuten, College of Arts and Sciences

Photo of Tabitha Tuten, Academic Advisor

Outstanding Advisor Past Winners

2020/2021 – Jessica Richardson , Capstone College of Nursing

2019/2020 – Jeff Stone, Culverhouse College of Business

2018/2019 – Randi Hamm, Culverhouse College of Business

Outstanding Faculty Advisor (2021/2022)

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Margaret Peacock, Department of History

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Past Winners

2020/2021 – Dr. Amy Traylor, School of Social Work

2019/2020 – Dr. Colleen Geary, Department of Kinesiology

2018/2019 – Dr. Meredith Bagley, College of Communication and Information Sciences